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Week 5 – Notes

Kveldens Elluminate session med CCK08 generte disse stikkord:

Group vs Networks:

Gruppe kjennetegnes av likhet:

  • lik visjon
  • like verktøy
  • lik organisasjon
  • groups collaborate – samarbeider

Nettverk kjennetegnes av ulikheter:

  • ulike visjoner (individorienterte)
  • ulike verktøy
  • ulike organisasjoner
  • groups cooperate – samvirker

Les også:

Seven Habits of Highly Connected People

  1. Be reactive
  2. Go with the flow
  3. Connections comes first
  4. Share
  5. RTFM (learn for yourself, before seeking instruction from others)
  6. Cooperate
  7. Be yourself

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Week 5

Week 5: Connectives and Collectives: Distinctions Between Networks and Groups


Groups Vs Networks: The Class Struggle Continues – Stephen Downes

That Group Feeling – Stephen Downes

Downes Interview: Groups and Networks (here’s the image from the video)

Group and Network (presentation, George Siemens)


Collectives, Networks and Groups in Social Software for E-Learning – Terry Anderson and John Dron


Mon: Recorded presentations and readings will be posted to the email list

Wed: Two Elluminate discussions (both sessions can be accessed via this link): 11 am CST: See time zone conversions7 pm CST: See time zone conversions. ‘

Friday: Discussion via USTREAM 11 am CST: See time zone conversion

1. Continue regular weekly activities – blogging, developing your concept map, and follow the distributed conversation through various sites (pageflakes, delicious, Google Alerts). In your blog posts, consider the question: Have you begun to see the rudiments of a learning network forming? Has some of the conceptual uncertainty settled?

2. If you have not done so, set up an account with Google Reader and subscribe to a few of the blogs from fellow participants that you’ve found to be insightful or valuable in your learning.

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