I am located in the east part of Norway, and live on a beautiful island at the very beginning of the Oslo-fjord.

My interest in this course is to:

  • get a deeper understanding of connecitivism
  • be inspired and enlightened by all the participants on this course (an amazing collective of knowledge – I’m stunned smile – I need more Web 2.0 energy
  • get online learning experience
  • get to know Moodle
  • observe – and hopefully attend at some level (I am a bit nervous about the language challenge and the odd times when it comes to participation … So: This is a great way to test myself: Will I manage to do an online course in English?)

I already consider this course a success. However, I hope this course will make me create something valuable – something that makes me grow in my development as a teacher, as a person or as a digital citizen.

I have been following Siemens and Downes for about three years. My first connection to connectivism was during my teachers education in 2005 – in my final year studying ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) in learning. Since that I have been an edu blogger – as a continuation of my student portfolio. I love sharing and networking in professional development as a teacher. I have been teaching for only two years. I consider myself a stunt teacher, because I am substituting most of the time (only 50% employed so far – in 9th grade – this year ;O). Highlights during these last two years teaching, have been when I was hired to do some workshops for language teachers – in different parts of Norway – introducing them to Web 2.0 tools (blogs, wikis, rss etc.). You will also find me on Second Life, as Kita Coage. My residence Diginalet is located across the road from DEN at Eduisland II. I’m excited to meet you and to learn with you: here, there and everywhere c”,)


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