Assignment Week 2

I have not had the time to do all the readings on week 2. There have been visitors, birthday, and I got a bad cold this weekend – offcourse 🙂 And for the assignments – this blogpost is what I’ve come up with, and it will not answer any of the questions for this week:

1. Post comments an reflections on week 1 readings on your blog. Participate in discussions in the Moodle forum. Provide comments to blog posts of other course participants.

2. Work on your concept map – capture key themes in the ongoing conversation that resonate with your views of learning and knowledge

3. If you haven’t done so to date, begin to follow the CCK08 tag via Google Alerts, search for recent posts on CCK08 on Technorati, and begin tracking and contributing to tags on connectivism and networked learning

Anyway, I have had some great times in SL between the couch and the computer. I also had the opportunity to show the SL cohort to a couple of connections I have inworld. I was suprised that some of them had not heard of Connectivism, and therefor happy to be able to pass it on.

Anyhow, I have been able to do some thinking on my issue: How to create good learning environments in SL? (could have been any virtual world in general). The main three goals would be:

  • learning
  • sharing
  • connecting

Now – I didn’t come up with this, ISTE did. ISTE is an organization where I have made many connections. They have created a great learning environment for teacher in SL. There are more to it tho: support, collaboration, tools, and best practices.

Best practices, is off course very interesting. ISTE itself, os one, and there are several others:

For teachers in SL:

For TeenSL:

This is where my connections are. I cant wait to see how networking will effect my learning in the time to come. I’m spending more time in SL now, and the Chillbo cohort makes it possible to follow conversations. I’m really grateful for the work Fleet has done in the Reeding Room. She has put up shelves with books that are linked to reedings, radio for conversations, light bulbs to Elluminate sessions, and TV’s for videos. This helps a lot, instead of links here and there within the text. A quick and easy way to get to the most important content ( I could be wrong stating that – I know:). So again – thank you Fleet! I hope to be able to attend our weekly gatherings in week 3, but I know I’m facing a very busy week …

Oh – and can you tell: I pimped my avatar 🙂 New skin, clothing and a great animation override!

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