Week 2: Rethinking epistemology: Connective knowledge

Presentations and Papers

Types of Knowledge and Connective Knowledge – Stephen Downes

Learning Networks and Connective Knowledge

Shifting Knowledge (from Knowing Knowledge)

Rhizomatic Knowledge (Dave Cormier) – free registration to Innovate is required to read the article.


Mon: Recorded presentations and readings will be posted to the email list

Wed: Elluminate discussion 7 pm CST: See time zone conversions

Friday: Discussion via USTREAM 11 am CST: See time zone conversion

1. Post comments an reflections on week 1 readings on your blog. Participate in discussions in the Moodle forum. Provide comments to blog posts of other course participants.

2. Work on your concept map – capture key themes in the ongoing conversation that resonate with your views of learning and knowledge

3. If you haven’t done so to date, begin to follow the CCK08 tag via Google Alerts, search for recent posts on CCK08 on Technorati, and begin tracking and contributing to del.icio.us tags on connectivism and networked learning

Additional Readings

Rethinking Learning (.pdf)

An Introduction to Connective Knowledge – Stephen Downes


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