Assignment Week 1

Fleep Tuque (upper left corner) getting the CKK08 – SL Cohor at Chilbo ready for the participants.

First: Some interesting links form yesterdays input:


1. Post comments an reflections on week 1 readings on your blog. Participate in discussions in the Moodle forum. Provide comments to blog posts of other course participants.


According to this weeks advice via The Daily, bout finding my personal focus, I have decided to focus on:

  • Hvordan skape et godt læringsmiljø i Second Life?
  • How to create a good learning environment in Second Life?

I think this will be meaningful because I’ve just been involved a project, where creating an island for high school students is the main focus. The focus on connectivism, knowledge, learning and networking will help me focus on important aspects of creating a healthy environment.

There is now way I will be able to read the curriculum assigned for every week, so I will focus on the papers I find most relevant to the above bullet.

This focus, have also led to the conclusion that I want to know more basic knowlegde on virtual worlds in general. I have therefor started reading an old book that I bought at the local library’s’ outlet last fall: Virtuell virkelighet : Teknologi og kultur- Muligheter og utfordringer (translated: Virtual Reality: Technoloy and Culture – Challenges and Possibilities, a Norwegian book)) and Oplevelser i en virtuel verden – Experiences in a Virtual World, a Danish book. They both seem to have some interesting elements that I can organize in a a mindmap – which by the way leeds to the next assignment.

2. Download CMAP (free) and begin tracking key thoughts or emerging ideas in visual form. You can use services like Mindmeister as well, though mind mapping tools lack the ability to demonstrate conceptual relationships.

I have not left any comments (yet) in the Moodle forum, but I’ve been accepted in the Second Life Cohort. I didn’t participate a whole lot in the conversation, because this is all very overwhelming: academic foreign language, epistemology, new tools (CMap and Moodle is new to me), overload on info in general, and a new network I’m trying to connect to. However I have read some of the threads. The question: Who do you connect to was on my mind before the start of week 1. At first I thought I it would be a good ide to lurk around or stay in the back a little to start with, and then see who would be the most active participants. While I still consider that idea, I have so far made up my mind on focusing on the Second Life Cohort – because of the project I’m getting involved in. That way, I will be able to spend my time well and connect to people whom I will be able to create knowledge with – hopefully. Thinking about it, I found that time is actually the only common currency we’re all born with, so investing in it seems like a good idea 🙂

I’m happy with this start – and have no idea yet where it will end, but the goal is as stated above, and I will try find the answer to: How to create good learning environments in Second Life?


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